Milestone Construction Group, Inc.
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Civil Design
We work with the client to meet all of their design needs from Site Work Design of Roadway and Drainage systems to Maintenance Of Traffic, so that the work done is done safely and held to the highest standard of construction. This along with our Critical Path Method Scheduling allows us to keep the project on track and on budget.

Construction Managers

Here at Milestone we pride ourselves by our professional work ethic, strong and effective communication skills, and our working knowledge of construction processes and codes. We are in constant communication with both the client and contractor to ensure everyone is on the same page, and the client is satisfied with the work being done. Above all else we ensure that the job is completed on schedule and within the proposed budget. Project experience includes roads, bridges, private developments, water and sewer utilities, drainage, pedestrian lighting, highway lighting, traffic signals, and mass earthwork projects.

Development Services

We also work with the client to produce a Project Cost Analysis and Estimate, Rate of Return Analysis, and determine cost reduction techniques and employ them into the job. Each of these techniques allow us to help the client both save money and determine what is absolutely necessary, and what can be removed.

CEI Services

Our top-notch team of professionals are all very experienced in Construction Engineering and Inspection, and are all up to date on their certifications.  Our experience paired with our close attention to detail makes our team some of the most qualified in the industry.  With this skill set and our knowledge base we will make sure that you are taken care of and the job is done to the highest standard with every safety precaution taken into account.

Critical Path Methodology (CPM) Scheduling

We perform intricate scheduling for all types of construction projects that include production rates and cost loading in accordance with FDOT requirements. Previous projects include work with contractors, private developers, and government agencies.

Roadway Assessment

Roadways can deteriorate for many reasons.  Our certified and qualified staff can offer assessments to determine the causes of defects on your roadway.  We take asphalt cores to determine the structure, mix type, asphalt thickness, base thickness, and subgrade thickness.

Pavement Design

Our engineers are very familiar with the design of high quality, affordable roadways.  We specialize in construction materials. Ensuring that proper materials are used for your projects means that structural integrity, life expectancy goals, and project cost goals are all met.  Design cost are typically a fraction of the construction cost. With the rising cost of asphalt and workmanship, it is imperative that you protect your investment to ensure that you are given the best possible product for years to come.