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About Us

Milestone Construction Group, Inc. offers unparallelled engineering services to clients across South Florida and beyond. Founded in 2005, Milestone has established itself as one of the leading construction engineering firms in the area. A highly qualified and trained staff are available to meet your project needs.

Vernon Hackett, P.E. - President
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
North Carolina State University, 1990
Registered Professional Engineer, Florida
Vernon T. Hackett, P.E., oversees all construction management activities.  Vernon has over 23 years’ worth of heavy civil construction, 19 of which he has been registered in State of Florida as a Professional Engineer. Mr. Hackett worked for 10 years with FDOT in the Fort Pierce Operations Center in both the Maintenance and Construction offices. After working with FDOT, Vernon worked for a heavy civil construction contractor and a civil engineering firm before forming his own CEI firm 9 years ago. Having worked in both the public and private sector as a FDOT administrator, contractor and consultant, Vernon has developed a unique skill set that allows him to foresee and solve all construction related issues.  His experience includes an extensive knowledge of scheduling of roads, bridges, utility systems, drainage systems and working through project challenges to complete projects on schedule and within budgets. He possesses the ability to prepare and direct administration and inspection programs as well as the corresponding staff members. Vernon’s skill set and experience allow him to excel as a plans reviewer and scheduler. Additionally, by coupling his FDOT knowledge with his construction background he is capable of implementing and approving QA and QC plans. Vernon will serve as Senior Project Engineer for this project and will oversee all project related activities. Learn more about Vernon.

Adam Schmidt, E.I. - Project Manager
r of Science in Civil Engineering
Florida Atlantic University, 2012
Engineer-In-Training Certificate
Adam Schmidt, E.I., graduated Florida Atlantic University and received his Engineer-in-Training certificate in 2012.  Adam is training to become a Senior Project Engineer and is preparing to take the Professional Engineers exam in 2016. In order to become a well-rounded engineer, Adam has been cross-trained in multiple disciplines offering our client an array of services.  Mr. Schmidt is available to assist the Senior Project Engineer/Project Administrator in all aspects of the project.  Adam is experienced in the Project Administrator role and is familiar with the CPAM methods of preparing letters, reports, and construction documentation. His experience often involved preparing recommendation for change orders, consulting with the Senior Project Engineer to discuss plan changes, preparing final estimates packages and reviews, managing and assisting inspectors with daily duties, and conducting project meetings.  His experience includes knowledge of roads, utility systems, drainage systems and working through project challenges to complete projects on schedule and within budgets. Learn more about Adam

James Ashburn - Senior Inspector
Certified FDOT Roadway Inspector

James has over 11 years of roadway construction experience.  Having an extensive geotechnical background, Mr. Ashburn has experience in nearly all construction activities and methods.  James is very familiar with FDOT methods, procedures, and forms and has made FDOT procedures protocol for all construction inspection services that we provide.  Mr. Ashburn provides very detailed and organized Daily Reports and other construction documents to our PA and is very involved in the project resolution and change order progress. Additionally, James keeps an accurate and up-to-date track of quantities, project progress, and project pictures on his tablet which is regularly up-dated to our server.  Mr. Ashburn is FDOT Advanced MOT certified and has a firm understanding of the FDOT Standard Index 600 series. He will continuously monitor and inspect the Contractor’s MOT. Additionally, James will routinely drive through the MOT set-ups to monitor the effectiveness of the MOT. Learn more about James.

Jim Frye has over 43 years of roadway and structure construction experience.  His DOT experience includes inspection of asphalt paving, earthwork construction inspection, maintenance of traffic, pavement markings, lighting, concrete curb and gutter, concrete driveway, signalization, electrical components, drilled shaft inspection and final payment quantities.  He has worked as a Project Administrator, Quality Control Manager, Contract Support Specialist, and Inspector.  He is experienced and seasoned in every aspect of FDOT construction and is capable of performing almost any job for our clients.  Mr. Frye is FDOT Advanced MOT certified and is also qualified as a Work Zone Traffic Control Supervisor through ATSSA. His is very familiar with the FDOT Standard Index 600 series and makes MOT a priority on every project. Learn more about Jim.

Xiaoyan "Sue" Zheng, Ph.D., P.E. - Senior Project Engineer
Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering
       University Of Florida, 2007
M.S. in Construction Materials
       University Of Florida, 2006
M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering
       China Building Materials Academy, 1999
B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering
       Zhengzhou University, 1996
Registered Professional Engineer - Florida
Ms. Zheng specializes in the practice of geotechnical and construction materials engineering.  On a daily basis, she oversees, directs and performs studies and/or testing associated with earthwork, shallow and deep foundations, retaining structures, roadways, bridges, and buildings.  As a project engineer, she directs the construction testing and inspection on projects to ensure that they fulfill the requirements of the project specifications; prepares project work scopes and fee estimates (proposals), and prepares written project reports.  Ms. Zheng is proficient in field and laboratory testing/inspection of construction materials, destructive and nondestructive evaluations, vibration monitoring, geophysical testing, and forensic studies. Her extensive background and knowledge of construction materials is a valuable asset for our team. Learn more about Sue.